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Imprisoned by Addiction

This 199-page memoir is chock-full of answers to common questions the average citizen has about the experience of jail and the disease of addiction. Imprisoned By Addiction was written by Dennis Brew, a survivor of a 20 year battle with addiction. In this book, he shares his real life experiences with overcoming a daily heroin and cocaine habit and the life of deceit and crime that is often the result of chronic drug use. Dennis provides a realistic yet humorous perspective on the many serious consequences of drug addiction. Each chapter focuses on what it's like to be arrested and enter the county jail system. Topics such as committing the crime, getting caught red-handed, experiencing the horrors of heroin withdrawal, finding out what it's like to be a minority, gambling, the legal system, public defenders and much more are covered in this book. "The disease of addiction is a worldwide epidemic, everyone knows somebody affected by addiction" explained Brew, "Imprisoned By Addiction is the perfect book if you or someone you know is caught in the grips of this devastating disease."

Some Quotes from the Book:

"We pulled up to the jail, one cop gets out and pushes the buzzer to open the automatic overhead garage door and gets back in. After a few minutes the door slowly rolls up, we pull in and it slowly rolls down. They get out and lock their guns in the gun box on the wall. They open the door and I get out, the officer controlling the doors pops the next door and we step in. They take the cuffs off and I put my hands on the wall. I notice that the sign painted on the wall, that I used to get a kick out of, is no longer there. It used to say


"Going to court is a royal pain in the ass. Hours of bullpen therapy and missing lunch. All this so when I get to finally see the “public pretender” that's supposed to represent me the incompetent moron hasn't done a damn thing since the last time she didn't do anything and she's still trying to have me sign a plea agreement that I told her the first time I was there I wouldn't sign!! Then when I have the nerve to be upset about the incompetence of my counsel, she walks out on me."

"So how does a white guy from the suburbs get some respect and get to be friends with some of the more respected and tougher guys in the dorm and get to satisfy a vice all at the same time?"

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